At the end of the 19th century, Frédéric Lebouc’s great-great grandmother, Marie-Olympe Brière produced objects that were mostly for everyday
use in a workshop in Limoges.
She took the forward-thinking decision to send her son, Frédéric Legrand, to study in England. On his return to Limoges in 1904, he founded LEGRAND et
Cie, a porcelain business that he ran successfully until he left for the front line. When he returned from the First World War he diversified into electrical
accessories, as porcelain was, at the time, the most widely-used electrical insulator.

His daughter, Paule Legrand married an engineer from the Arts & Métiers institution in Paris named Andrè Lebouc who ran LEGRAND until its closure during the Second World War.
ln 1949, André Lebouc and his son Hugues, opened the PORAL factory, a test porcelain factory that was groundbreaking as much in its modern manufacturing processes as its avant-garde labour conditions.
lt was the first factory to open after the war, and was inaugurated by high-ranking officials. lt was also the first business of its kind to receive public
private financial support.
At the end of 1953, André and Hugues Lebouc created the porcelain decoration company LEGLE, and in 1963, the porcelain tile company Les Carreaux de Limoges. Hugues Lebouc, who was both pioneering and a visionary, went on to refine porcelain decoration techniques adapting the most modern processes.

Frédéric, son of Hugues and grandson of André Lebouc, took the helm after the death of his father in 2000.
Just as in Marie-Olympe’s workshop all thoseyears ago, the extremely skilled craftsmen at LEGLE continue to seduce materials and colours.
Ceramic artists and glaziers work with the same meticulousness, perpetuating prestigious craftsmanship.

For seven generations, the LEGLE LEGRAND LEBOUC Company has been passingskills and expertise down through the family in Limoges, where they continue the old artisan traditions to this day.
These traditions are now in the safe hands of Frédéric Lebouc and his team.

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